Doctor Support“What a great experience!  As an M.D., I’ve sent patients for acupuncture.  It was wonderful to experience first hand.  I’ve had great relief from back pain that’s been bothering me for a decade.  Many thanks!”

Nick, Age 53 – General Practice, M.D.

Acupuncture for Pain“I am a retired Police Chief from Georgia.  Due to a job-related injury, I have been receiving treatment from a chiropractor and massage therapist back home.  They both had recommended acupuncture.  I received three treatments from Jessica.  I noticed a remarkable difference.  Numbness that was present in my fingers is now gone.  Range of motion is greatly improved and tension is relieved.  The experience was painless, and I highly recommend it!”
Mark, Age 38

Acupuncture for Pain“This is the beginning of my new world of Chinese medicine.  I’m hooked thanks to the wonderful hands and skillfulness of Jessica.  She was so informative and so patient.  Keep up the good work.  I’m spreading the word!!”

Maria, Age 52

Acupuncture for Low Back Pain“For the last 10 years I have had increasing low back pain caused by herniated discs at L3, L4, L5 & S1.  I have tried the normal methods for pain relief:  medicine, chiropractic adjustment, and the most recent spinal decompression, with not much result from any of them.  After 3 acupuncture treatments from Jessica, I have the most pain relief I have had in years and have reduced my use of pain medication…”   

Cliff, Age 66

Acupuncture for Low Back Pain“My low back pain persisted in spite of heavy drugs and physical therapy – until my first session with Jessica.  Unbelievably, after only one session I finally had relief – after the second, I was walking virtually pain free AND standing erect for the first time in 2 months!  I’m afraid of needles – but never felt a thing other than a gentle “tap” – no sensation of being poked.  And the entire session was amazingly relaxing!  I’m coming back for treatment #3 and only wish I’d done this sooner.  I highly recommend Jessica and this treatment!”

Leslie, Age 50

Acupuncture for Pain“…on my first meeting, I felt that I hobbled in, but on completion of that first treatment, I felt wonderful.  I had four appointments with her.  I no longer have any pain or stiffness; have forgotten that I had any.  I feel that her approach and easy explanations of the treatment helped me a lot.  I am now calmer, focused, grateful for her excellent care.”

Breda, Age 70

Acupuncture for Fibromyalgia“I was totally ignorant regarding acupuncture.  But I am blessed with multiple medical issues – I have MS (Multiple Sclerosis), pancreatic cancer, kidney disease and fibromyalgia.  I am a chronic pain patient.  I live with pain 24-7, use major narcotics to try and control my pain – but nothing really works – I just go from medicine dose to medicine dose and pretty much stay in bed.  Since my 1st acu session with Jessica I was stunned at the results.  My range of motion was increased – I was able to stay sitting in my wheel chair for more than a ½ hour at a time…it was wonderful!  I have now had 3 treatments and my pain level is lower than it has been in 12 years!  My husband is as excited as I am because we can actually do activities together for the first time in years and my quality of life has gone from zero to amazing!  Thank you, Jessica.  And if you have never tried acu – try it!  You will like it!  And it may give you your life back too!”

Mimi, Age 55

Acupuncture for Nerve Pain“Jessica’s most impressive credentials motivated us to finally take that big leap-of-faith.  We are most frugal when it comes to where we budget our funds.  We feel the money spent under Jessica’s care was well-spent – and we recommended her to several others.    I feel much better after two sessions – my sciatic nerve pain went away and I’ve slept every night since my first treatment!  Lower back also feels so very much better! P.S. Jessica really listens to you!  Wow!!!”

Inge, Age 56

Acupuncture for Neck Pain“For four years I have been in pain all over my body.  Two of my major problems were my neck and lower back.  I must say I was very nervous about the needles and also felt that acupuncture was another scam towards a pain-free life.  You see, I have been through the mill with doctors, getting trigger point injections that only did a body good for a few hours or a day, if you were lucky.  So my primary doctor suggested acupuncture, so I took the plunge and had my first acupuncture with Jessica.  I have to say that acupuncture has restored a very good part of my life.  I am now so into this form of treatment that I will continue these sessions to a pain free life again.  Thank you!  I want to take the time to say that without Jessica and her guidance, I would still be in the dark about regaining my life and energy.”

Ingrid, Age 55

Acupuncture for Pain“My first treatment with Jessica was a pleasant and pain relieving experience.  I’m totally convinced of the benefits of acupuncture!”

Laurie S., Age 34

Acupuncture for Pain“Since starting my treatments with Jessica, I’ve never felt better. I started seeing her after 4 weeks of constant headaches and no help from Doctors other than, “here’s another prescription.” I decided to try acupuncture and I’m glad I did. I haven’t felt this relaxed in a long, long time. Not only did she help release a lot of neck and shoulder tension, she’s helped reduce my stress and anxiety. Since then, the headaches are gone and I feel great!!”

David H., Age 41

Acupuncture for Pain“We truly appreciate everything you’re doing to help our son recover from his injury. You are professional and friendly, your office environment is welcoming, relaxing and very clean & organized. You know exactly how you’re going to treat him when we walk in the door, and you use a variety of methods/modalities in conjunction with acupuncture to treat not just his elbow, but really his whole body. Our son feels very comfortable with you and we feel very fortunate to have found you.”

Lisa R., Mother of 17-year-old

Acupuncture for Neck Pain

“When Lily’s neck started bothering her and making a grinding sound, I took her straight to her pediatrician. They referred me to many specialists and we were told by all of them that what was wrong with Lily’s neck was ‘normal’. After a year of pain, I could no longer accept that this was normal. Lily was desperate to have some relief and was willing to try acupuncture. Despite being nervous about having a stranger doing acupuncture on my little girl, I searched online and was put at ease after reading about Jessica’s education and experience. When I brought Lily for her first appointment, Lily was anxious and so was I. Jessica was very kind and talked to Lily about what was going to happen. I noticed it was a peaceful, clean environment and that Lily was starting to relax. About 30 minutes later Lily came out and told me that her neck pain had gone from an 8 to a 2!!!  It’s been a few months and Lily’s neck is much better and I am now a BIG believer in acupuncture. I really like that Jessica also specializes in Chinese medicine as she was able to give us some herbs when Lily was having sinus problems. We see Jessica every 2 weeks now, and Lily falls asleep during every treatment — that’s how relaxed she is. We are so grateful for Jessica’s kindness and true gift of healing through acupuncture. Thank you, Jessica!”

Suzanne F., Mother of 9-year-old