Why We’re Different

Why We’re Different

There are lots of options when it comes to your health. That’s part of what makes this decision so difficult. I know you are likely new to Chinese medicine, so it might help to understand what my patients and I feel set us apart:

Time: Did you ever go for a doctor’s visit, wait an hour in the Arctic office, afraid to run to the bathroom for fear of losing your place in line? When they finally arrived, you had a prescription in hand and were looking at the back of their head before you ever had time to point to where it hurts? I value your time and you should, too. Not only will I see you on time, but we will take the time together to deeply understand your concerns for proper and deep-level treatment.

Education and Experience: As a California-trained and Board Licensed Acupuncturist, I had over 3500 hours of classroom and clinical experience before I ever got my license. Though a Naturopath (ND) often has reasonable acupuncture training, their studies are divided between different modalities, providing significantly less time for acupuncture experience. Chiropractors and MD’s who practice acupuncture are typically dangerously under-trained. Furthermore, since I hold three licenses, that means triple the continuing education classes.

Same-Day Appointments: If you’ve already put your back pain aside for little Timmy’s soccer game and little Lisa’s diorama, the last thing you want to hear when you’re ready to take care of yourself is, “I can see you three weeks from Tuesday.” With multiple treatment rooms and flexible hours, I will do my best to get you on the road to recovery today.

Accessibility: Ever try to call your family doctor? If you’re lucky enough to reach a person instead of an automated phone system, it’s usually the front desk. You may or may not get a call back. I believe communication is an important part of the healing partnership. My patients can reach me directly day and night by phone or email, or will get a prompt response.

Comfort: Our office is cozy! Many of our patients look forward to coming in just to relax and have an hour of peace away from their hectic day. My acupuncture treatments offer beautiful, soothing music, warm infrared therapy and smooth & gentle technique.

Convenience: Our office is conveniently located in the heart of Tempe at the northwest corner of Mill & Baseline. We have free, ample and wheelchair accessible parking.

Payment Options: We take Visa, Mastercard, AmEx, Discover, debit cards, checks and cash. I will do my best to bill for any insurance coverage, and we offer flexible, no-credit-check finance plans. Statements for taxes, flex spending, or HSA’s are available upon request, at no cost.

Satisfaction: While no doctor can guarantee the speed at which your body will heal, I will make every effort to make your experience pleasant and productive. If you have any questions or concerns along the way, I welcome the chance to make you smile.

Patient Education: We are partners in the healing process. Understanding breeds success. In addition to explanations of your treatment, you have the several options for learning more: my free eBook (top right corner), FAQ and Specific Conditions links on this website, plus occasional free downloads and talks…or not.

“You are professional and friendly, your office environment is welcoming, relaxing and very clean & organized…our son feels very comfortable with you and we feel very fortunate to have found you.”

Lisa R., Mother of 17-year-old